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Summer Soup for “Love Apple” Season: Gazpacho

It’s hot in Sevilla in the summer. So hot that you’ll cross the street just to walk (slowly) on a sidewalk shaded by buildings and clench a water bottle in a sweaty fist at all times. Hot enough that the streets are watered to control the dust and tamp down the odors that exude from […]

Got a pulse? Try some lentil soup.

I think lentils, an ancient food, are the crop to save the future as we adapt to new weather patterns hastened by “global weirding.” The more I read about lentils, the more I wonder why I don’t eat them more often. As a crop, they can tolerate extreme temperatures and survive with minimal water and […]

“Quinoa Soup, Saigon Style”

Continuing the quest for healthier food, we’re delving into whole grains. Next on the list, quinoa. I’ve cooked it once before, and it wasn’t good. But it’s apparently a superfood — loaded with nutrients and protein, and devoid of anything bad for you. So it was worth a try. Thankfully, we had Rebecca Wood’s The […]

Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Yes, Virginia, there is Jello in Chinese cooking. You say you don’t believe it, but indeed, it’s true. Are you having visions of quivering rings of Astro-turf-colored sugar topped with glistening slices of Peking duck? (Actually, I found this photo on Flickr, it might be worse: duck hearts in gelatin.) You of biting sarcasm and […]

30 Gallons of Soup

As the weather grows colder, more and more people demand hearty, hot, stomach-filling soups. Here is the recipe for the most popular soup we make at work and a picture of what 30 gallons of the stuff looks like ! Chicken Tortilla Soup – makes 30 eight to ten oz. servings – 4 ea dry […]

Bean and Kale Soup

Kale is one of those ingredients that I didn’t know about growing up and now it’s the trendy “green” to cook and serve. I’ve experimented with many different kale recipes, both cooked and raw — with roasted delicata squash or in an Asian peanut dressing, respectively. It’s a form of cabbage so it has a […]

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