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Simple Things

While it’s easy to have a feeling of triumph after slaving over the stove for a complicated or involved dish, sometimes it’s the simplest meal that can bring the greatest satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be novel or fancy, but just plain good. It could be a perfectly cooked piece of fish, a burger grilled to […]

Shrimp and Mushroom Shu Mai

Shu mai (also spelled shui mei, siu mai, etc.) is a traditional Chinese dumpling and with Chinese New Year around the corner we decided it was the perfect time to experiment. I recently bought Cooking Light’s Way to Cook and so far, everything I’ve made from this cookbook has been great. Plus it has really […]

Noodles – Two Recipes in One

Shrimp Puttanesca & Mushroom Fettucini There is nothing like enjoying a hearty pasta with seafood and a full-bodied red wine.  While we don’t make pasta dishes that often, I recalled our many delicious meals in Italy a year ago and was craving a delicious Italian dinner. My husband makes a fantastic shrimp puttanesca, but I […]

First Dinner at Home

We just moved in to our new house and what do you know, Christine wants dinner.  I suppose the pristine looking appliances will eventually have to get used AND cleaned but personally, I was hoping to delay that moment.  It didn’t happen.  So, let me tell you about the first dinner cooked at the new […]

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