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More Mexican Eats: Chilaquiles

The Mexican food fairy visited last weekend and left delectable chilaquiles in our refrigerator. This act of kindness occurred even after we had subjected her to days of hard labor, which she effortlessly completed with sweeps of her magic wand (I want one of those). Chilaquiles are yet another Mexican dish to love and cherish. […]

Drowned Eggs: Huevos Ahogados

“I’m still here, El Guapo,” shouted the mustachioed bandit to his distraught jéfe, as they caught sight of the rest of their outlaw gang fleeing in panic, away from the tiny Mexican village defended hysterically by the Three Amigos (and a band of Three Amigos look-alikes). Never mind that after he said that he promptly […]

A Hearty Breakfast for Your Inner Mexican

Let’s face it,  we all wish we were Mexican. Cinco de Mayo, margaritas, Caesar salad, Salma Hayek and, dare I say it Chihuahuas, are all a part of American culture. What would life be like without miniature, hairless dogs stuffed into purse-carriers and sweaters to keep them safe and warm?? And no Salma? That is […]

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