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Shanghai Soup Dumplings

Yes, Virginia, there is Jello in Chinese cooking. You say you don’t believe it, but indeed, it’s true. Are you having visions of quivering rings of Astro-turf-colored sugar topped with glistening slices of Peking duck? (Actually, I found this photo on Flickr, it might be worse: duck hearts in gelatin.) You of biting sarcasm and […]

Retro Cooking: Cranberry Jell-O Mold

We all have memories growing up with traditional dishes our grandmothers and moms made.  Every holiday my grandmother would make homemade matzo-ball soup, cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and rice, noodle kugel, brisket, thinly sliced potatoes baked with onions until brown & crispy, apple & peach sauce and of course more! Recently I’ve been trying […]

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