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Got a pulse? Try some lentil soup.

I think lentils, an ancient food, are the crop to save the future as we adapt to new weather patterns hastened by “global weirding.” The more I read about lentils, the more I wonder why I don’t eat them more often. As a crop, they can tolerate extreme temperatures and survive with minimal water and […]

Oven-Braised Duck Legs with Five-Spice Powder

Most cookbooks I own have the same format: a list of recipes organized by protein, starch, or vegetable. Sometimes there might be a section dedicated to breakfast or dessert, but by and large it’s very straightforward. The one cookbook I own that doesn’t follow this format, however, is A Platter of Figs by David Tanis. […]

30 Gallons of Soup

As the weather grows colder, more and more people demand hearty, hot, stomach-filling soups. Here is the recipe for the most popular soup we make at work and a picture of what 30 gallons of the stuff looks like ! Chicken Tortilla Soup – makes 30 eight to ten oz. servings – 4 ea dry […]

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