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As tasty as it is, deep frying fish at home can be a bit much. Especially when you’re cooking a small amount. It’s a lot of oil. A lot of hassle. A lot to clean up. And a lot of calories for a typical weeknight meal. You can approximate most of the flavor and crunchy […]

Cod en Papillote with Tomatoes and Olives

Cod is a mild, flaky and delicate fish. My husband and I love cod but sometimes it’s hard to find true cod. True cod is Atlantic, not ling cod, black cod (sablefish) or rock cod. These types are totally unrelated to the cod family. Black cod is sometimes sold as butterfish because it has a […]

Black Cod en Papillote with Ginger and Scallions

When I was a kid, one of my favorite dishes was steamed whole fish with ginger and scallions, which you can find in most authentic Chinese restaurants. My parents used to make it at home pretty often and it was one of the first things I learned how to cook. The problem is, it can […]

Whole Fish Baked in Salt with Scallion Tomato Oil

When Rourke and I were taking our trip around the world, one of our stops was Paris. Coincidentally, Rourke’s parents were there at the same time for a business trip and they treated us to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Le Petit Zinc. There are two things that I remember about that dinner: That my […]

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