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Cedar Plank Salmon

Even in occasionally-gray San Francisco, it’s grilling season. Food, fire, and fresh air. What more could you ask for? One of my favorite things to grill is cedar plank salmon. The plank gives a nice, mild smoke flavor to the fish with almost no extra work on your part. You can get the planks for […]

Salmon with Dill-Pistachio Pistou

Okay, I’m new to this whole cooking thing, so I had never heard of pistou before. Like all things French, I figured it would be something incredibly complicated and fattening, albeit delicious. I was right on only the last part. A pistou (as described by Wikipedia) is typically a cold sauce used as a condiment […]

Panko Crusted Fish with Avocado Orange Salsa

Fish is good for you! It’s loaded with omega-3′s! It’s a lean source of protein! Eat a serving at least once a week! Do it…NOW! Every now and then I wonder whether I’m eating enough vegetables, too much ice cream, etc. But for some reason I always feel such tremendous guilt when I walk by […]

Gefilte Fish: Jewish Soul Food

The Jewish holiday of Passover, which celebrates the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt, began on Monday night. As the story goes, after Charlton Heston dropped serious plagues on Rameses & Co., the Jews had to flee Egypt so fast they didn’t have time to let their daily bread dough rise. In commemoration of this, during […]

Old Bay Dungeness Crab

Ah, the scent of pee. So romantic. At least, that’s what the male Dungeness crab thinks when a female is nearby during mating season. Dungeness crab, or Cancer magister, is named after the town of Dungeness, Washington – which is named after a headland on the coast of Kent, England. This “master crab” is fished […]

Guilt-free Fish

Even if you’re not a nature documentary junkie, it’s hard to ignore the fact that our oceans are in danger. The media reports how plastic is littering the seas and beaches, choking seabirds and poisoning fish. Overfishing threatens whole species and irresponsible fish farming destroys habitats and pollutes ocean waters. The seas boil, the skies […]

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