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The Other Tortilla

With one kind of tortilla, you can make chilaquiles or huevos a la mexicana. But there’s a different sort of eggs and tortilla altogether. The tortilla española is Spain’s version of the French omelet or the Italian fritatta. The traditional tortilla has potatoes and onions, but you can add just about anything you have on […]

La Mallorca: Puerto Rican Ham, Cheese and Egg Sandwich

Who knew that while I was eating a ham and cheese sandwich in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico I was connected by a thread to California, including San Francisco…a twisted, tenuous thread more than 250 years old, but a thread nonetheless. The ham and cheese sandwich in question was, of course, not just a ham […]

Drowned Eggs: Huevos Ahogados

“I’m still here, El Guapo,” shouted the mustachioed bandit to his distraught jéfe, as they caught sight of the rest of their outlaw gang fleeing in panic, away from the tiny Mexican village defended hysterically by the Three Amigos (and a band of Three Amigos look-alikes). Never mind that after he said that he promptly […]

Fried Rice

Rourke was out of town for a few days, so I was on my own for dinner. Left to my own devices, I generally do one of two things: Experiment. Sometimes this has led to tasty things, and sometimes this has led to awful things that immediately needed to be thrown out. Scavenge. It is […]

A Hearty Breakfast for Your Inner Mexican

Let’s face it,  we all wish we were Mexican. Cinco de Mayo, margaritas, Caesar salad, Salma Hayek and, dare I say it Chihuahuas, are all a part of American culture. What would life be like without miniature, hairless dogs stuffed into purse-carriers and sweaters to keep them safe and warm?? And no Salma? That is […]

Turkish Eggs: An Easy Weeknight Dinner

It’s the holidays. One. Big. Meal. After. Another. If you’re not cooking a feast that was days in the making, you’re eating one prepared by friends or family. As much fun as it can be, sometimes you need a break. Although I first had this dish for brunch at Public in New York last fall, […]

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