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Blueberry Ginger Snap Ice Cream

It turns out that California and Texas have something in common other than historically belonging to Mexico. The residents of these two states have good taste… maybe not in fashion or political candidates, but at least when it comes to summertime dessert. Or maybe they just have more cows than anyone else. California and Texas […]

Chocolate Pudding Without A Packet

Chocolate pudding is a wonderful comfort food that few people make for themselves anymore. That’s such a shame because it is really easy, tasty and satisfying to make at home. I know what you are thinking, why bother making pudding from scratch when I can dump and stir from a packet without any cooking at […]

Chocolate and Cinnamon – A Warm and Winning Combination

The ancient Maya were on to something when they combined chocolate with spices. They knew that chocolate was delicious on it’s own but when combined with the heat of chiles or cinnamon it really sings. An easy way to try spiced chocolate is to add a little cinnamon to your next chocolate dessert recipe. Together […]

Crepes with Kefir Cheese and Chai-Scented Pears

Mmmmmmm, bacteria. Of course, without it, we wouldn’t have one of life’s most perfect foods: cheese (as my brother-in-law can attest). One of these days, I’ll learn how to make it (anyone ever been to classes at the Cheese School of San Francisco?). Kefir cheese is made with a very particular, mysterious bacteria that grows […]

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