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Chicken and Lentil Curry

I seem to have lentils, those tasty little legumes, on the brain. And until making this recipe, I had them in the pantry too. They were leftover from making the Ultimate Veggie Burgers, palak daal, and a lentil soup or two. Generally, they’re a good thing to have on hand. Cheap, healthy, satisfying, and easy […]

Adventures in Healthy Cooking

For some people it’s birthdays. For others it’s a New Year’s resolution. Or even a trip to the doctor. Everyone gets inspiration for eating healthier from different places. For me, it’s the fact that I’m getting married in seven months and I agreed to pay someone a substantial amount of money to take pictures of […]

Guilt-free Fish

Even if you’re not a nature documentary junkie, it’s hard to ignore the fact that our oceans are in danger. The media reports how plastic is littering the seas and beaches, choking seabirds and poisoning fish. Overfishing threatens whole species and irresponsible fish farming destroys habitats and pollutes ocean waters. The seas boil, the skies […]

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