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Tomatillo Chicken

I love summertime at the farmers’ market. Yes, there are hordes of people. And yes, they waddle slowly from side to side and have a knack for stopping dead in their tracks just so that you can slam in to them. But still, I love the farmers’ market. Even in the summer. The usual reason […]

Chicken and Lentil Curry

I seem to have lentils, those tasty little legumes, on the brain. And until making this recipe, I had them in the pantry too. They were leftover from making the Ultimate Veggie Burgers, palak daal, and a lentil soup or two. Generally, they’re a good thing to have on hand. Cheap, healthy, satisfying, and easy […]

Simple Things

While it’s easy to have a feeling of triumph after slaving over the stove for a complicated or involved dish, sometimes it’s the simplest meal that can bring the greatest satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be novel or fancy, but just plain good. It could be a perfectly cooked piece of fish, a burger grilled to […]

Dijon Chicken Stew

The first time I planned to cook for my fiance, I was going to make beef stew. It’s simple, hearty, and perfect for a cold San Francisco evening. As a bonus, it requires you to open a bottle of wine, pour out about a cup to cook with, and then wait for a good while. […]


Everyone loves a meat pie. All around the world… calzones, pasties, knishes, samosas, gyoza, pierogis, turnovers, and empanadas. Bastilla is a Moroccan twist on the meat pie. With chicken, eggs, nuts, and cinnamon sugar, it’s a perfect dish for brunch. Crunchy, sweet, and savory all wrapped up in one. This recipe is loosely based on this […]

Lazy Dinner: Garam Masala-Crusted Chicken

Ok. This is so easy I don’t even know that what I’m providing should be called a recipe.  Either way, I’ve made this about three times so far; each time I take the first bite I say with surprise, “hey, this is good.” It all started with a little bag of garam masala.  I was […]

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