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Multigrain Buttermilk Pancakes

Obviously I have a bit of a sweet tooth lately, with carb-o-rific posts of cupcakes and ice cream. And I need more recipes to use up the buttermilk that only seems to come in large cartons. One day I will again post a recipe including some vegetables and meat, I promise. But for now, pancakes. […]

Great Granola From Your Pantry

Recently a friend started making her own granola and recommended that I give it a try. Taking her advice I did some research and found that there are as many ways to make granola as there are people who enjoy it. Some recipes used so many different types of nuts, fruits and sweeteners that the […]

Flax Muffins – A Delicious Way to Get Your Omega-3’s

What do you eat for breakfast most days? Cereal made with kids in mind? An egg and cheese McKingwich with extra sausage? A grande mocha coffachino? We all know those are not the most nutritious choices for what is supposedly the most important meal of the day. Why not start your day with a true […]

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