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So the readers have spoken and here is the first recipe challenge I’ve decided to tackle: cassoulet.

Making cassoulet is a long but uncomplicated process. I feel making cassoulet becomes complicated as there are many recipes out there that attempt to accommodate the different regional variations of this peasant style dish. In my attempt at this dish I combined several recipes and used one pot to cook the dish in its entirety. I served the cassoulet for Christmas dinner and everyone loved it. Here is what I did:

Score, salt & rub one skin on duck leg with chopped thyme. Refrigerate overnight.

In a large heavy pot or cassoulet place 3 cups of great white northern beans along with 1 halved carrot, 1 halved onion, 2 celery ribs, 1 bay leaf & 1 ham hock. Cover with water & simmer until just done. Drain beans, remove all aromatics and the ham hock. Reserve liquid. Pick meat from the ham hock.  Set aside.

Heat the pot & add 1 Tb of duck fat, place duck leg in pot & slowly render the fat off the skin & thoroughly brown it. Remove from pot. Add another 2 Tb of duck fat & brown 1/3 lb of cubed lamb, 1/4 lb cubed pancetta, the ham hock meat and 1 thickly sliced garlic sausage. Set aside all the meat.

In the same pot lightly brown 1/2 chopped yellow onion & 10 finely chopped garlic cloves. Right at the end of cooking the vegetables add 1/2 a bunch each of fresh finely chopped parsley, thyme & oregano. Season with salt & pepper.

Combine all the above mentioned ingredients into the pot & just cover with the reserved bean liquid. Cover with seasoned bread crumbs & throw into a 350 degree F oven until a nice brown crust forms.


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      bravo mincho! More pictures!

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