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What To Cook. You Tell Me!

This weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to have a meal at La Folie. Everything was fantastic! The waitstaff, the chairs, the wine, the valet having your car ready when you step out the door, and the heavenly tasting perfectly seasoned food. Hell they even have a vegetarian tasting menu. All throughout the meal all I could think about was the effort and technique which were displayed in each and every dish.

So inevitably I asked myself if I could replicate these dishes or for that matter anything as intricate as the delicious sauteed pig feet and sweetbread terrine on a bed of thyme poached lentils. After leaving the restaurant and reflecting on the experience I decided to approach my next blog post with the following challenge:

Ask our readers what they want ME to cook. The more intricate and obscure the better.

Let me know by posting a comment.


    1. JenniferC says:

      How about this stolen idea from a James Beard winner, “Faux-Filet Fumé with Confit of Shallots, Fleur de Thyme and Red Wine Bone Marrow Sauce.”

    2. FKK says:

      Ok Chef Mincho, take your pick:

      Some sort of ballontine
      Chicken – Liver Terrine
      Pheasant Consume with Barley
      Cream of Watercress Soup
      Blanquette de veau
      Mole Oxaqueno (from scratch)
      Chiles en nogada
      Gefilte Fish (from scratch)
      Headcheese/Pigs head terrine (from scratch)
      Cheese souffle made with Velveeta

      and last, but not least, your favorite dish – huevos con chilorio (not deconstructed as you usually like to prepare it)

    3. dan says:

      If minchito won’t take up the cassoulet or gefilte fish challenges, I will.

    4. Charlie K says:

      The secret ingredient is camembert….

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