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Review: Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Waffle and Pancake Mix from Williams-Sonoma

Review- Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Waffle and Pancake Mix from Williams-Sonoma2

Rourke and I have this agreement, where he cooks Sunday breakfasts for me. Isn’t that sweet?

Since I cook dinner most nights, I decided to broker this deal long ago so that a) I’d get a break from cooking, and b) he’d be keeping it real. He’s a pro at it now and I get to choose from a rotating set of “specials” like french toast, french omelets, waffles, etc., but it was not always such bliss. When he first started cooking breakfasts for me, it was very stressful. For both of us. Rourke had never learned how to crack an egg. And I physically had to restrain myself from making comments by clamping my hand over my mouth the entire time he was cooking, and afterward while surveying the wreckage that he left in the wake of all that cooking. I wasn’t always successful.

Enter pre-packaged waffle mix. Easy-to-follow instructions and everything is mixed together in one bowl, minimizing mess. Oh yeah, it tastes good, too. Lightly spiced and with nibbles of candied pecans, it helps to satisfy the ridiculous pumpkin cravings that I get this time of year.

Review- Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Waffle and Pancake Mix from Williams-Sonoma1

This waffle mix is one of Williams-Sonoma’s seasonal items so it’s only available around the holidays, i.e. now. Rourke has a few waffle recipes that he’s put into the rotation, but he still gets excited whenever this shows up in the stores. In the top photo, the canister on the right is the current packaging, and the one on the left is last year’s. Yes, I’m such a sucker for packaging that I keep empties of the ones I like. It also helps me notice things, like that the new container holds 6 oz. less than last year’s, even though the price remained the same. I’ve got my eye on you, Williams-Sonoma!

This year, Rourke misread the instructions for the first batch and ended up making Belgian waffles instead of regular waffles. The difference? DOUBLE the butter (1 stick vs 1/2 stick)! No wonder Belgian waffles are so tasty.

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    1. Nancy Burger says:

      I would like to find out how i can buy some spiced pecan pumpkpn waffle and pancake mix.

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