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Banana Bread, redux

Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

The other day, when I was making the maple cream pie, I saw them. Three forgotten bananas sitting in the fruit basket threatening to go rogue on me. It was just a matter of time. The oven was already on and I had already managed to make a mess of the kitchen counter, so there was really no reason not to make banana bread. The bananas weren’t going to get less brown if I waited.

But then comes the question: What kind of banana bread to make? There are millions of recipes. Really. I’ll wait right here while you go search Google for “banana bread recipe” and find that there are “about 11,000,000 results.” Give or take.

What sets a good cookbook or website apart from the internet hordes is the credibility of the recipes. The author’s credentials, a prior experience, or a recommendation from a knowledgeable friend may offer a reason to trust the source. In this site, I’ve already got all of those combined, so I figured I’d try the banana bread recipe Jenn posted here.

Anyone can use Google. I’ve found some great recipes that way. I’ve also found some not-so-great recipes that way. In fact, I have an entire file of banana recipes on my computer that I put together, years ago, when a similar batch of near-gone bananas sent me in search of a recipe. I’ve made a couple decent banana breads from those recipes, but nothing compelling. I don’t know or have any reason to trust the random web sites I stumbled across.

Jenn’s recipe came out perfectly. No surprise there. The only thing I changed was that I topped it with pecans instead of walnuts. In my world, the best a walnut can ever hope to be is a bad pecan.

Tip: As you can see in the pictures, I lined the pan with a parchment paper sling. Even if you butter the pan or coat it with non-stick spray, it can still be difficult to get the bread out sometimes. Run a sheet of parchment along the bottom of the pan and up two sides, and you’ll have an easy way to pop your bread out of the pan. Works great on any kind of bread, cake, brownies, etc.

Came right out of the pan

Came right out of the pan


    1. Missy says:

      Mmmm . . . this looks divine. I think I may have to try this recipe over the weekend. The yogurt and the oatmeal have me intrigued. Mark Bittman has a good banana bread recipe in How to Cook Everything that includes unsweetened coconut flakes, which don’t end up tasting at all coconut-y but impart a really nice texture.
      Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. jmarshall says:

      Dan, glad you liked the bread! Missy, let us know how it turns out if you make it.

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