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Smokin’ Tri-Tip

Last Saturday, Christine and I had some friends over for dinner and as part of our dinner menu we served coffee & chili-rubbed pan seared tri-tip. Apart from tasting absolutely delicious I’d like to share with our readers some of the inherent shortcomings of cooking with hot pans, oil, butter and cold proteins at home without the benefit of an industrial grade kitchen hood.


Coffee & Chili Rub

2 cups finely ground coffee
1 cup chili powder
1/2 cup garlic powder
2 Tbsp. cinammon
Pinch of Sugar

Depending on how intense you want your meat to taste, feel free to increase the ratio of coffee to chili powder in the mix or vice versa. Regardless of how your palate is skewed do not forget to include the pinch of sugar as it will really make the cinammon flavor come through.

After pan searing the tri-tip in butter, I finished cooking it in a 4oo°F oven until the meat reached 120°F.

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