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Seafood Paella Tip

The Roasted PepperDoesn’t everyone love paella?

Well, they should.

Today’s lunch menu featured a fantastically full-flavored, yet light-enough-for-lunch seafood paella.

Let me begin by saying that paella is a dish which is often overlooked by most cooks due to the perceived complexity and time involved in preparing it.  Nonsense!

Shall I go through the paces?  Maybe not on my first post, still getting warmed up…However, I will share what I believe is the key to making this dish really stand out….roasted red peppers.

Next time you make paella, thoroughly char a couple of red bell peppers, peel them, chop them and add them to the paella as you incorporate the stock.  Be sure to include all the juices that might be on the cutting board.  I guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with the results!

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    1. Charlie K says:

      I’m sure mincho makes a mean paella. But, how good is your socarrat? Now, that’s a tip/recipe you should post on here.

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