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Adult Trick or Treat

Cypress Grove Cheese Cake

Cypress Grove Cheese Cake

For weeks we had been gearing up for it. We watched our diets and talked about how our palates would experience a symphony of flavors in a matter of days. We eagerly entered Moscone and immediately were giddy with anticipation, our mouths drooling like Homer Simpson eating jelly doughnuts. As we went down the escalator our eyes twinkled with excitement — Italy, Spain, France. Right around the corner were 1,300 exhibitors from the U.S. and 45 other countries. The Fancy Food Show was before us. Or, as we’ve coined it, “Adult Trick or Treat.”

Personally I’m all about the chocolate and desserts. My husband is all about the cheese and wine. In fact, my husband was salivating over the thought of goat cheese. His wish came true when we stumbled upon this cake of goat cheese in the above photo. Moscone was transformed into a culinary adventure, and we had to strategize. My mission was to go down every aisle of the North and South Moscone buildings. I didn’t want to leave any crumb unturned!

This was my second year attending so I knew exactly how to pace myself.  You can’t eat too much right away. You have to plan your samples and how fast you eat. Otherwise, you are completely full and disappointed that you can’t sample other goodies. It was my husband’s first year, though, and despite many warnings not to eat everything right away he just didn’t listen. He felt uncomfortably full after a few rows and was disappointed about not being able to try almost everything. Men!

antipasto 1 antipasto2

As we strolled down the aisles sampling cheese, wine, antipasto, gelato, pizza, peanut butter, chocolates, snacks, and more, we were amazed by the vast tracts of land and uncharted territory we still had to discover.    We literally were on our feet for five hours. Perhaps we burned enough calories to make up for our intake. My guess is probably not, but it was an unbelievable experience. I am amazed and delighted to see so many creative culinary minds — the vision for new food products and packaging blows me away.

The Fancy Food Show was enjoyed by approximately 17,000 attendees enjoying 80,000 products including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural and organic foods. While I can’t say we enjoyed everything we sampled, I can say that it is an ultimate culinary experience. We can’t wait for next year’s Adult Trick or Treat.


    1. CharlieM says:

      I now know what I want for my birthday! Everyone needs a tower of cheese.

    2. JL McNamara says:

      “Adult Trick or Treat” sounds kinda naughty taken out of context, no? :)

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