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First Dinner at Home

We just moved in to our new house and what do you know, Christine wants dinner.¬† I suppose the pristine looking appliances will eventually have to get used AND cleaned but personally, I was hoping to delay that moment.¬† It didn’t happen.¬† So, let me tell you about the first dinner cooked at the new house.

About a year ago, Christine showed me a recipe for a quick wild mushroom saute and baked polenta from Cooking Light. I wasn’t interested since there was no mention of animal product, but I was hungry and begrudgingly I agreed to make it my own.

Fast forward to today.

A quick chop of shallots, garlic, button and chanterelle mushrooms.  Next, some halved grape tomatoes, chopped parsley and pecorino romano.

dinner prep

I excitedly engaged the POWER burner on my new stove and watched the 19000 BTUs smoke the oil in the pan in less than 2 minutes.

new stove

I added the vegetables & some butter, smelling the butter as it frothed & seasoned.  Next, it was time to add some tomato paste & deglaze with some balsamic vinegar.  Lastly, I threw in the tomatoes, the parsley & a splash of heavy cream.

Reseasoned or was it Rereasoned?  I cook at work so why am I doing it again?

I laid out some¬†polenta rounds from Trader Joe’s, nuked them, spooned the mushrooms over them, and grated¬†some pecorino romano.

The end result tasted great, the stove performed, the hood sucked the hot greasy air, and 20 minutes later a happy couple welcomes their first meal back in San Francisco.

happy 1st dinner

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