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Home Made Organic vs. Home Made Conventional Cat Food

So these days most of us have been exposed to the conventional vs. organic food diatribe. We all make choices which affect our health and our pockets. We write about it, talk about it and joke about it. After feeding our cat, Paquita, one day, I asked myself “why can’t Paquita choose the type of food she believes is best for her?”

Paquita Well, short of the cat talking to me I’d to have to make her some food, one with conventional ingredients and one with organic ones. Would it make a difference? I didn’t think so, but for the sake of our pet-owning readers I decided to shine some light on the topic.

The first issue to address when preparing pet food is nutritional value. This is a complex topic which basically scared me from making Paquita food on a regular basis. Terms which came up were phosphate to calcium ratios, taurine, psyllium & size of grind. I personally don’t think pet food has to be quite so complicated, but in any case our experiment here is merely to determine taste predilection.

What did I make?

Plate 1 was made with canola oil, chopped onions, celery, garlic, beef stew meat, salmon, salt & pepper. All of the ingredients were conventionally grown or harvested and bought at Safeway.

Plate 2 was made with canola oil, chopped onions, celery, garlic, organic beef stew meat, salmon, salt & pepper. All of the ingredients were either “natural” or organically grown and bought at Whole Foods.

The preparation was the same for both dishes. I lightly browned the meat in the oil, added the vegetables & seasoned the whole thing. After cooling the mixture, I ground it in the food processor until it resembled the consistency of the canned food Paquita likes.

So what were the results?

Disappointing to say the least. I offered Paquita each of the food plates one at a time, she sniffed at them both and even took a bite but then left them untouched for the rest of the afternoon. I tried this approach twice with the same results.

So can I categorically say Paquita prefers conventional food over organic food? The answer is no. What I can say after trying both foods myself is that they taste the same, although the conventional food did seem more watery than the organic food. Go figure.


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