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Giant Butter Bean & Feta Gratin

I’m cursed by a total inability to cook the “magical fruit” from scratch. Every time I try, I end up with rock-hard nubbins that would be better as pebbles on the bottom of a fish tank than dinner. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of the canned variety at the store. While I like bacon […]

Walnut Bread with Strawberry Mint Jam

You have to have a ton of patience to make bread and preserve jam. It’s very time consuming but worth the investment (and the clean up!). I’ve been making the same walnut bread for the last few months as I got frustrated making challah, a traditional braided egg bread served on the sabbath. There is […]

Delicious, Cream-less, Cauliflower Gratin

Look at what I got for Christmas! I guess since we started this food blog people think I’m into cooking or something. Craziness! So I’ve been perusing these lovely tomes, marveling at the pretty photos and just how heavy these books are. Together, they weigh 16 pounds. For a few days I had left them […]

Freegin’ Awesome Freekeh

I was in our local Middle Eastern supermarket and came across a box of freekeh. Freekeh is called a green wheat because it’s harvested in early stages, dried, roasted and smoked giving it a green color. Similar to rice, it’s cooked with chicken stock or water but is much healthier. The freekeh I bought says […]

Cranberry Bulgar with Figs

I’m always looking for good, healthy alternatives to rice and couscous. Bulgar has more fiber, vitamins and minerals – plus it’s low in fat. More importantly it requires very little cooking and is served at room temperature! Commonly used in Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle Eastern dishes, bulgar has a nutty flavor and is produced in […]

Brown v. White

In another sign of ever-advancing age, I’ve made the switch from white rice to brown rice. Beautifully perfumed “extra special” quality Thai jasmine rice to plain ol’ brown rice. Comforting, childhood memories bowls of white rice to… brown rice. Bleh. I had tried to make the switch about half a dozen times in the previous […]

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