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Sloppy Joes!

For some reason, I can’t say it without an exclamation at the end. I never had sloppy joes growing up, but I do remember watching commercials for Manwich. Remember Manwich? My Bay Area California sensibilities prohibit me from buying such a thing as Manwich, so it’s homemade sloppy joes for this household. You might also […]

“Ultimate” Veggie Burgers

Vegetarian week was easy when it was cold outside. A hearty bowl of vegetable stew is perfect to take the chill off. But then Spring came to San Francisco, ever so briefly. Thick and heavy are not the right fare for Spring and Summer evenings. And what about lunch? It can’t be leftovers of the […]

Simple Things

While it’s easy to have a feeling of triumph after slaving over the stove for a complicated or involved dish, sometimes it’s the simplest meal that can bring the greatest satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be novel or fancy, but just plain good. It could be a perfectly cooked piece of fish, a burger grilled to […]

La Mallorca: Puerto Rican Ham, Cheese and Egg Sandwich

Who knew that while I was eating a ham and cheese sandwich in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico I was connected by a thread to California, including San Francisco…a twisted, tenuous thread more than 250 years old, but a thread nonetheless. The ham and cheese sandwich in question was, of course, not just a ham […]

Oven-Braised Duck Legs with Five-Spice Powder

Most cookbooks I own have the same format: a list of recipes organized by protein, starch, or vegetable. Sometimes there might be a section dedicated to breakfast or dessert, but by and large it’s very straightforward. The one cookbook I own that doesn’t follow this format, however, is A Platter of Figs by David Tanis. […]

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