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Stuffed Flank Steak

Every family has its secrets. Apparently my family also has “secret” recipes, some of which I am giving away on this blog. Shame on me. I say it’s good food, so why not share? Like a lot of us, my mom likes to try new foods and recipes often, so it’s only the really great […]

Sloppy Joes!

For some reason, I can’t say it without an exclamation at the end. I never had sloppy joes growing up, but I do remember watching commercials for Manwich. Remember Manwich? My Bay Area California sensibilities prohibit me from buying such a thing as Manwich, so it’s homemade sloppy joes for this household. You might also […]

Braised Oxtail with Egg Noodles

I had been eyeing an oxtail recipe in Judy Rodgers’ The Zuni Cafe Cookbook for a while now, so when Prather Ranch was having a sale on oxtail the other week I gleefully bought a 3 lb. bag. Yes, gleefully. Oxtail might be my favorite cut for braising. With far more gelatin than, say, short ribs […]

Miso-Marinated Tri-Tip

A reader comment (thanks, Margot!) from the miso soup post led to a DELICIOUS marinade for meats. I put it on beef, but I bet it also would be good on pork. The marinade makes the meat slightly salty and spicy. The sugar in the ponzu helps create a nice crust. I absolutely love this […]

Turkey Tofu

Turkey and tofu. I know what you’re thinking: two boring flavors, together at last. This spicy Szechuan dish will change your mind. It’s very similar to mapo tofu, but without the black beans. It’s easy to make, and after you try it once, you’ll be craving it again. It’s fair to say that I do […]

Smokin’ Tri-Tip

Last Saturday, Christine and I had some friends over for dinner and as part of our dinner menu we served coffee & chili-rubbed pan seared tri-tip. Apart from tasting absolutely delicious I’d like to share with our readers some of the inherent shortcomings of cooking with hot pans, oil, butter and cold proteins at home […]

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