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We created this blog because we kept asking each other “what have you been cooking” or “ooh, can you send me the recipe to that” whenever we got together.  It was really only a matter of time before we realized that a blog would be the most efficient way to do this.


JL McNamara, aka Jen

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Despite a passion for things organic and local, Jen has an unabashed love of Cheez Whiz. It seems that you can take the girl out of Philly, but you can’t take the Philly out of the girl. The Bay Area has begun to take hold, however, as evidenced by her substituting evaporated whole milk for heavy cream. *gasp*

On Saturday mornings, you can find her at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers’ Market, stuffing her face with the delectable goodness of Primavera.

jmarshall, aka Jenn

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Jenn is a quick draw with a dessert spoon — especially when there’s a piece of fruit pie within arm’s reach. She would like to thank her Great Uncle Bill for teaching her to make the most complicated salad dressing in the world. Which she never makes anymore, but would like to. And, because of a very unprofitable and all-consuming cookie business launched during her teen years, she refuses to make cookies that can’t be cut from a log of dough.



Julie is an accomplished baker who is in the process of launching a baking business to the delight of friends and family who have gobbled up her tasty sweet treats for years. Torte Reform specializes in sophisticated sweets from vanilla bean lemon cheesecake to Belgium chocolate chip cookies dusted with sea salt.

When Julie isn’t in the kitchen she finds it relaxing to stroll the aisles of gourmet food stores & farmers’ markets looking for artisanal items and local produce. In fact every vacation/outing is centered around planning which restaurant to go to and visiting the local market to absorb the flavor of the town’s palate. Julie and her husband are food connoisseurs raising a son who likes to say “Bon Appetit” before eating and whose favorite movie is Ratatouille.



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